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Review: Kreg PRS1040 Router Table

Kreg PRS1040 Router Table Review

Ease of Use9.1
Value for Money8
9.1 out of 10
What's Hot?
  • Innovative T-square fence made from 100% aircraft grade aluminum
  • Large 32" by 24" tabletop topped by Kreg’s unique micro-dot skin
  • Heavy duty stand with option to customize into a fully enclosed cabinet
  • Kreg quality and design - made in USA
What's Not?
  • Some people might not like drilling their own holes in the mounting plate
Bottom Line The Kreg PRS1040 is a top quality freestanding router table with a number of innovative features that make it stand out from the competition. The most noticeable feature is the innovative table saw style T-square fence which keeps the fence permanently parallel to the miter slot, even while you are adjusting it. All you need to do is set your measurement on the scale using the magnified cursor, lock down the cam lock and you can be confident that the fence is parallel and true for its full length, exactly as you would with a table saw. The quality of the components is top notch and, as with all Kreg products, the thought and workmanship that has gone into the Kreg PRS1040 router table make it a joy to use.

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