Incra 1000HD miter-gauge

Miter Gauge Reviews and Advice

A miter gauge is an essential tablesaw accessory which lets you make safe, accurate crosscuts on boards and small panels. It’s also essential for making accurate joinery cuts like 45 degree miters when making a picture frame.

A miter gauge is also useful when using a router table. All good quality router tables come with a miter track set into the table top so you can use a miter gauge to cut square or angled cuts on end grain.

Unfortunately, the miter gauges supplied with most new tablesaws are usually very basic items that fail in three main areas – they have play in the miter-slot fit that can’t be adjusted, a head that’s hard to read and set, and a fence that’s too short and not sturdy enough to support your work. All these faults combine to produce inaccurate cuts.

Luckily there are a number of high-quality aftermarket miter gauges that address these issues. We looked at six fully equipped gauges and tested them for accuracy, ease of adjustment, quality of cut and value for money . The miter gauges tested are the Incra 1000 HD, Incra 1000 SE, Incra 3000 SE, Kreg KMS7102, Osborne EB-3 and Woodhaven 4911K.