JessEm Mast-R-Lift II Router Lift

Router Lift Reviews and Advice

In 1999, the Router Lift was invented by JessEm Tool with the introduction of the Rout-R- Lift. This innovation created a whole new category for the woodworker, and since then other manufacturers have joined the market including Kreg, Incra, Woodpeckers and Bench Dog. A router lift is essentially a router-table mounting plate with an attached carriage that holds the router. A removable crank handle inserts into the mounting plate and turns to raise and lower the carriage with incredible precision down to a 1/64-inch adjustment.

Some router lifts will accept a wide range of different router brands and models while others will only fit a particular model, so you need to check router compatibility before you buy.

In addition to the improvements in the quality of your work this gives you, a router lift makes your life so much easier and more efficient. A router lift immediately removes the three main problems caused when you mount your router in a router table – bending down and reaching under the table, working with height-adjustment controls and locks that are upside-down and backward and having to remove the motor from the router base to change the router bit.