Bench-Dog 40-001 router table

Router Table Reviews and Advice

Simply mounting your router in a router table immediately gives you a massive increase in your routing capabilities allowing you to easily and safely perform tasks that would be difficult, sometimes impossible and/or dangerous freehand. Straight out of the box, a router table increases the range of jobs you can perform with your router and allows you to easily take on advanced projects such as raised panels or use larger cutters that are too big to control freehand as well as making it easier and safer to do things like putting edge moldings on narrow workpieces.

But that’s only the beginning. Everything that you want to accomplish can be made easier and a better end result obtained by investing in the huge range of router table add-ons and accessories. From router lifts to high-end router table fences and from coping sleds to box joint jigs, the range of specialist accessories has never been greater, or more affordable. Results that were previously only available to the professional are now easily achieved by everyone, but the choice of the right equipment can be daunting so check out all our router table reviews to find what’s best for you.